Life is like a party – the good and the bad.

What drives you crazy? Is it adults behaving unreasonably? Politics? Or the most intelligent species ruining its only planet, with open eyes? Obesity and starvation on a large scale, and at the same time, how is that possible? War, corruption, drug abuse? Economic inequality? You name it.

My answer to deal with all this is: Life is like a party. Think about it, there are many parallels. A party with billions of people has its own dynamic. A party with a hundred people is similar. Some things just happen, and unfortunately, we can’t control it all. It can literally drive us crazy. But it shouldn’t!

We have our choices to make. This is what ThePartyParallel is about. The idea of Life being a party came during meditation. It was my answer to many questions and brought me peace. Why can’t all people be good? What am I supposed to do? The answer is to enjoy the party in your way! Make your choices and accept the choices other make.

Your purpose here is to enjoy the time!

Imagine you are in a huge house with unlimited rooms. That´s where our party is. You are invited automatically since you’re born. The owner of that house is not there, and I wouldn’t dare to say that I’d have an idea who that is. Science can explain a lot, but how in the end proteins form a consciousness, that is a secret yet. Anyways, if you were ever at a huge party, you’ll understand that you can hardly control the mass. That’s just how parties are. There is kind of commonly accepted rules, but there is also alcohol, there is peer pressure, there is loud music, adrenaline, chaos, anonymity, so there are so many fun and enjoyable moments and there are things going bad as well.

The parallel of life to a party is my way to say

we are all guest, with equal rights

crowds can just not be controlled

there is group intelligence but also group stupidity

it is our choice how we spend our time

A party in a gigantic house…
Life is a party in a gigantic house with unlimited rooms.

Imagine the rooms in that house represent your interests, hobbies, actions, or social groups. Imagine your family as one room. There is a also corridor, there is the kitchen, a library, a living room, and all the other typical rooms. The important message here: All doors are open to everyone! Those who tell you you can’t, have no right to do so! You have the choice of where to go, what to try, what to avoid, which people to meet, to join, or avoid. With whom to exchange experience. In the end, we all will have to leave one day, and that moment decides whether we left the house as a better or worse place. Did you leave a mess, did you have a good time, did you see many rooms, or were you stuck in the kitchen all time? There is no pressure to explore the entire house when you have found your rooms, your people, and enjoy yourself, that’s perfectly fine! When you are standing confused and lost in the corridor all time, not knowing where to go, let me try to help you find your rooms. And please share your thoughts, and help others! You can even create your own rooms, or make your own version of existing rooms! It is your choice how you make use of your time.

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