When you think of a huge party, who are you?

If you struggle in living your live, or enjoying the party, the first thing to ask is why. Who are you? Let’s take thepartyparallel and see who you are on a party:

The Explorer – you cannot find a hobby to stay with, cannot stay in a room too long, you are restless and never settle.
The Lost – feels not invited at all, in the wrong place, feels bored, doesn’t know where to look or go.
The Satisfied – has it all figured out, and does not know what this site is about.
The Troublemaker – why are there such people? No for real, why?!

In later posts we will have a look at all different party people, or non party people! Spoiler coming in: There is no wrong or right, the target is to learn who you are, except it, and enjoy the party in your way!

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