The essence of thepartyparallel

THE formula to a happy life! Believe it or not, the secret to a happy society is to find the balance of these simple rules. No, it is not new. All societies, religions, parents, law books know this. We just keep forgetting parts of it. That’s why I wrote it down for you. To remember, to find your missing link, to join in, to wake up, to fall asleep, and all that with changing sounds and images.

Do your best every day

Be aware that life has an end

Accept what can’t be changed

Change what doesn’t work for you

Don’t be passive

Define your goals

Work for your goals

Prioritize your actions

Celebrate success

Enjoy life

Be nice

Help those who need help

Protect yourself

Do what is good for you

Be creative

Try new things

Keep your body fit

Eat healthy food

Educate yourself

Find your own way

Make your own decisions

Be brave

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