We can’t change anything?

How does thepartyparellel help us, we are not in charge, we don’t have the control to change anything.

That is true. We cannot control what other people do. At a party, there will be people sitting around, bored, wanting to leave. There will be people leaving unfinished food and drinks everywhere. People drinking too much, people not flushing the toilet. Some people will try to clear the mess, some will purposely smash a glass or drop food. You can only control yourself. Your choice is how you spend your time, your choice is to decide what is right and what is wrong. But when you have to leave, you might come to the question of whether you enjoyed yourself at that party. Did you waste too much time doing things you didn’t like? Do you look back at the mess you left, and regret it? Did you hear people talking about stuff you never saw because you decided to stay in rooms you knew?

That’s how you are in control, make the best out of your time. Learn to know what you want and learn what effect your lifestyle has on the future. And when you are on your feet, and you found your rooms, it might have been because of the help of someone? And even if not, it is your turn to help others. Accelerate the process, support those who need support. We all have our starting point somewhere, in one or another way. But we all have options to grow, all doors are open, even if some people try to hold it back from you. These are all just guests, not the owner! When you think you’re not feeling welcome in this house, let me tell you this is just not possible. Since the owner is not there, it can only be a few guests’ opinions, if not your own impression. And that is not valid! We are all invited, and there are rooms for everyone.

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