Merry Christmas

Whether you like it or not, you won’t be able to escape from Christmas, no matter where you are. Last Christmas is THE song, chocolate and candy are everywhere, trees with decoration, and the people making statements that they forget within days.

What we can do is to enjoy it. No need to go for it full speed, but at least let people do what they want. Buy less, eat less if you like, but let others enjoy the days in their way. In a season of kindness and loving, no one needs a grumpy one. Leaving all the background aside, we can be happy and proud that we have a culture like that. It is a break from the standard tristesse, it brings back childhood memories, brings families and friends together.

Maybe you want to give it your little, better impact. Less meat, more vegetables, reusable wrapping for the gifts, a donation as a gift. It all helps to make a change for the better! Here are a few links as a starting point.

Plant a tree as a gift

Vegetarian Christmas dinner

Donation orientation

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