Religion is wonderful!

You say it is not God who owns the house?

Neither yes nor no! There is not ONE explanation of how life was created or of what God is, we all would agree on that, right? We might call Religion and Science just several attempts to explain the non-explainable when it comes to life. Scientists talk about the Primeval Soup, a cocktail of molecules that suddenly caught life. This is exactly the part we cannot explain. But for me, any explanation that works for you is fine, as long as you accept other opinions! Thinking further: What is size? How incredibly large is the universe, can it have an end? If yes, where is it in? How big must the planet be for a tiny fruit fly? Things beyond our imagination can drive us literally crazy. What was before the big bang? How can elements, that form rocks, and minerals, water, and air, as well form live? Imagine the universe is just a cloud of dust, with some hot sparks in it, which we call sun and stars. And we are microscopic beings on one of the colder dust particles. We should be humble and see what we are: A tiny little bit in a gigantic rest from which we know nothing. It might as well be, that we are some bacteria in another world. With that understanding, we shouldn’t take the little things in our lives too seriously. And we shouldn’t be mad at people who found a different explanation for themselves.  

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