Are you lost in life?

In my idea of seeing life as a party, there are also those who don’t know what to do there. Everyone seems to have fun, have a plan, and a place to be. But in reality many of us are lost. If you feel lost, thepartyparallel is in fact exactly made for you!

Are you hoping to find the real purpose of life? The one place for you? Or are you working hard to get settled, buy a house, have a safe job, and a family? For some reason it just won’t happen and you don’t know why?

Do you despair of the news about war, poverty, viruses, crime? Have you ever thought that you as a single human can’t do anything, but you gave up hope that politicians solve the real issues? Is it even hopeless, and everyone should just mind his own business?

My approach is different, and of course this is not my invention. But I learned to agree. Let’s first agree, the world, or the party we’re in, is not heaven. There is a lot, too much going the wrong way. And of course, we expect the leaders of the world to work against that. And they do, some do. Not enough obviously, but some people try.

So what is expected from you? Stick to the rules of your society is a good start. Don’t give up and decide to make use of others. Most of us do that for sure. Two things are important to me:

First, don’t try to fulfil a stereotype. It is your your task to design your life in a way someone else thinks is good for you. Be free, make your own decisions. There is no discussion, you have that one life, maybe 80, maybe 60 or 90 years. At the end you might think back and ask yourself why you have done this, and haven’t done that. And it will make you angry if you find no water proof explanation. Try new things, be brave and live your life! Learn to zoom out, to see the big picture. Opportunities will come only come in when you open the door.

Second: Think about what you like, and what you don’t. Safety, friendliness, food, warmth, entertainment will be on most of our lists, isn’t it. When you have all that, without ever thinking of it, you are very lucky. If so, you are in a very good position to help those who need help. Think of a place considered risky, and then imagine you would live there. Imagine you wouldn’t have enough wood to keep your house warm, or you couldn’t sleep well because there are gangs around that might pick your house this night. So if you have fulfilled all your basic needs, do something good for others. Leave a nice footprint at the party. Maybe never ever anyone did something nice for you. Starting doing good stuff in whatever way can feel great, and multiplies the chance for someone giving back to you.

So when you feel lost, start to design the party the way you like it, without harming others. Break free from unnecessary boundaries. Life is a gift, and it is short, so enjoy it. And if you can, start to help others! Be nice.

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