EFR – Get confidence from knowledge!

This post is about gaining confidence, or a bit of inner peace. Maybe confidence in one field is somehow transferrable to other areas as well?! So why not starting with a life saving skill?

Are you getting nervous when you start thinking of all the catastrophes that can possibly happen? Do you overthink situations, and freeze when you are overwhelmed? Would you rather look for someone else to help, so that you can sneak away from responsibility?

That is understandable, but you can overcome those thoughts. Witnessing an accident, or someone fainting at a family event; a co-worker with sudden health issues, everything is possible, though it rarely occurs. This rare occurrence though is also the reason why we panic easily and have no experience how to deal with such a situation.

The great news I have for you today is: You can educate yourself, and learn how to deal with emergency situations easily. It might not be yourself, not even a friend or a family member. But there is a chance that you face a real scenario where someone needs your help. Not knowing what to do is an unfortunate situation, and it is stressful. The opposite is true for the case that you have plan how to help, and you just do your best, and feel ok because you did something good. Having things thought through for a few hours in a relaxed learning environment will prepare you with a plan in an emergency. Is the victim pregnant, a kid or aggressive? Is it risky to help, or isn’t it an emergency at all? And can you use an AED?! Reacting to such scenarios might be new to you, but is isn’t to mankind. So there are protocols you can learn. This will make your life much easier!

My advise is, for each and everyone, to have an emergency first responder course done, and to do refreshers every now and then. It doesn’t cost much, and it gives so much to the society. It is neither a scary course, nor difficult or boring. There are plenty of places where you can do your course, and I would even recommend to go to different places, and get your input from different points of view. Fact is, these courses are made for you and me, not only for doctors, nurses and vets. The content is taught in a way, the we all know what we have to do to keep someone alive until the ambulance arrives.

I believe there is a huge misconception when it comes to first aid or EFR. What you will learn is that help can already be a simple phone call. The more bystanders, the lesser is the pressure to help, and so sometimes no one helps. Taking immediate action can safe a life. It is not about healing a condition in a remote area, and it is not for stabilizing a persons health over weeks. It is about simple life rescuing techniques. You will also learn how to help without putting yourself at risk. EFR is maybe a bit different from what we see in TV. You wouldn’t jump into the water, you wouldn’t carry someone on your back, and you simple play a different kind of hero.

The huge work an EFR does is to motivate you to take action. You will work against your barriers to get involved. I hope we all agree that we would be happy if we know our family members in an environment where at least one person would be prepared to help. The worst thing to do is not to help!

Places to get an EFR course are driving schools (even if you don’t get your license there), dive centers (also even if you don’t dive), charities like Red Cross, community centers, and vets. Yes vets, and they’ll most likely teach you EFR for your cat or dog, because we can also help our pets in an emergency! See, there is a lot you can do to make everyone’s life better.

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